As a former felony prosecutor, John W. Moore knows the criminal system from both sides of the table. His experience as a major felony and juvenile crimes prosecutor has given him insight to the needs of an individual charged with a criminal offense in Arizona. Read more

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John W. Moore - Arizona Domestic Violence and Criminal Defense Attorney

Experienced Domestic Violence & Assault Attorney and Criminal Defense Help You Can Depend On, right here in AZ.

Serious criminal charges call for experienced legal representation. As an experienced criminal defense lawyer in the Phoenix area, criminal defense and domestic violence attorney John W. Moore works hard to protect you from fines, jail time, and the additional consequences of a conviction, such as the loss of your job, or the suspension of your driver’s license. John W. Moore specializes in representing in matters relating to assault, DUI defense, domestic violence, homicide, marijuana and other drug charges, shoplifting, and federal, civil and criminal forfeiture defense. Based out of 5070 N. 40th St., Suite 240, Phoenix, AZ 85018, our law office can handle matters throughout the Phoenix area, in addition to Scottsdale, Tempe, Mesa, or Chandler. John W. Moore, a skilled criminal defense and assault lawyer serving Phoenix and the city’s surrounding areas, right here in Arizona.

Attorneys Who Know Both Sides

As a former Arizona Deputy County Attorney and now as criminal defense trial lawyer, John W. Moore learned both sides of the criminal legal system. This experience helps us guide our clients through the often confusing and difficult process of fighting criminal charges. We use our knowledge of the law and the system to protect your rights and your freedom. We have the experience to anticipate the moves of the prosecutor and counter them effectively.

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