Looking for domestic violence help right here in Phoenix Arizona?

Living with a dangerous, unstable spouse or significant other can create a terrifying home environment for you and your children. Trying to get out safely may seem impossible. The law firm of Ruth M. Swenson, LLC routinely handles domestic violence matters for victims of domestic abuse throughout Maricopa County. We advocate for clients in family court proceedings while obtaining orders of protection for you and your children. To begin breaking the cycle of violence immediately, call us at 480.649.3044 today.

Sometimes having an unstable spouse or living with a dangerous significant other can have damaging repercussions n the wellbeing of those around you, especially your children. If you’re having difficulties seeking a way out of domestic violence matters, seek domestic violence attorney John Moore to make sure that your domestic abuse concerns are handled properly. John Moore has had years of experience in handling domestic violence cases and will seek to make sure that you and your family are protected.

While you may try to solve domestic disputes yourself, remember that having a legal ally in pursuing a domestic violence case can do a long way. As an attorney, John Moore focuses on each case with extreme precision and invests himself to make sure that all domestic violence or domestic disputes cases receive the proper attention and fairness they deserve, thus helping his fellow Arizona clients reach the verdicts they are seeking.

As a former prosecutor, John Moore has tremendous experience inside the criminal system here in Phoenix, AZ and can assist you in some of the most difficult moments of your life.

Do not settle for domestic violence or domestic abuse, and call the Law Office of John Moore today!

Some of the items that John Moore may be able to help you with include:

  • Filing restraining orders to make sure that you, your family or your significant other are well protected
  • Assist with petitions for custody and child support
  • Represent you in court
  • Prepare documents or evidence
  • And more, all aimed at protecting you in the face of domestic violence and abuse right here in Phoenix.