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Marijuana laws in Arizona can be very broad in determining how you are charged and can sometimes pose a more severe threat to you than you may realize. An individual does not necessarily need to have the marijuana in his hand to be charged with marijuana possession. You don’t even need to have it on you to be charged. As long as you have control over the substance it is assumed that it is yours and your problems may continue to worsen.

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How does Arizona categorize marijuana possession?

Less than 2 lbs. Misdemeanor/felony 6 to 18 months
2-4 lbs. Misdemeanor/felony 9 months to 2 years
More than 4lbs. Felony 18 months to 3 years

Do I qualify for Deferred Prosecution?

While you may think that deferred prosecution is somewhat similar to probation, it isn’t necessarily so. A deferred prosecution for marijuana possession charges is a period under supervision, whereas if it is completed satisfactorily the state will drop the charges against you without having a criminal record.

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