Restraining Order Defense

Phoenix, Arizona Restraining Order Defense Attorney / Order of Protection Defense Attorney

Many domestic violence and relationship problems result in the issuance of an Order of Protection (or Restraining Order) against the accused. A temporary Order or Protection can keep you from entering your own home and seeing your children. Without aggressive defense, the court may make the order permanent, impacting your life for years to come. John W. Moore has successfully defended protective order requests and will work fiercely to protect your rights.

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A Restraining Order or Order of Protection can impact you in the following ways:

  • Denied access to your own home
  • Denied access to your children
  • Loss of your Gun Rights
  • Inability to travel freely through your own neighborhood
  • Stigma in your community

John W. Moore will set your hearing and present evidence which shows you in the most favorable light to the Judge. Our aggressive defense will make the best attempt to have the Order of Protection/Restraining Order dismissed and to give you back your freedom.