Shoplifting Offenses

Theft / Shoplifting Defense Attorney

The law office of John W. Moore represents adult and juvenile offenders in theft and shoplifting cases with a goal of preventing these accusations from becoming a final conviction. Our firm often defends clients who are first-time offenders and have no prior contact with law enforcement. Many are high school honor roll students who want to go to college.

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Our main goal is to try to make sure that this charge or arrest does not become a permanent part of your record. An accusation of shoplifting can negatively affect applications for jobs, insurance, housing, and college. If you qualify, we can help you with expungement or other remedies for clearing a criminal record.

We Work with the Prosecution to Secure Alternative Punishment

We strive to get our shoplifting cases eligible for diversion. This is a type of community work supervision which, if completed successfully, results in a dismissal of the charge. Even relatively minor theft crimes can have huge consequences. If you’re an immigrant seeking a green card, you can have immigration problems. If you’re a licensed professional, a shoplifting conviction or theft crime on your record can lead to a denial of your license. At times an arrest will be made for theft when there was never any intent to steal. It may be that someone has their hands full and simply places an item in a pocket with every intention of paying for it. But, unfortunately, they simply forget to pay for the item and are arrested for shoplifting. Theft is a crime of “moral turpitude” which can have far reaching ramifications, including denial of both employment and professional licenses.

Accused of a Crime You Didn’t Commit?

Security guards are not the best report writers. Our theft crime defense attorneys don’t rely on security reports or police reports. We look at the security tapes and security records. We listen to your story and investigate.