DUI – Driving Under the Influence in Arizona?

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John W. Moore, Arizona DUI lawyer, handles a wide range of criminal charges including those involving Phoenix DUI and DWI. Arizona has the some of the strictest penalties for DUIs in the nation, which include mandatory fees, classes, jail time and ignition interlock requirements for a first time conviction involving Arizona DUI law. Arizona DUI Law can be strict and change from time to time. It is important to have a knowledgeable Arizona DUI lawyer to help you fight for your rights. You need to know the Arizona DUI law and how it pertains to your Arizona DUI case. Arizona DUI lawyer John W. Moore is a former prosecutor and has the experience to help you.

Most people are unaware there are actually two cases you must handle when charged with a DUI under Arizona DUI law. The first is the criminal case with the State of Arizona, and the second is the administration case with the Arizona Motor Vehicle Division as it relates to your license suspension, and Arizona DUI law. We will discuss and analyze your circumstances to determine the best way to move forward with both the DUI case and the MVD administrative case. Arizona DUI Lawyer John W. Moore understands the Arizona DUI law, and can help you fight your Arizona DUI law conviction immediately. Contact Arizona DUI lawyer John W. Moore right away for help.

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Arizona DUI Attorney John W. Moore

As a former prosecutor, Arizona DUI lawyer John W. Moore knows how law enforcement and the State builds cases against people charged with DUIs, in violation of the Arizona DUI law. Arizona DUI lawyer John W. Moore is one of the few Arizona DUI lawyers in Phoenix who has been on both sides of the fence and is very knowledgeable to help you fight Arizona DUI penalties and to help you understand the Arizona DUI law. Phoenix DUI Attorneys can help you today. Call us for a free consultation and review of your case.

We focus on four main areas to challenge your DUI case:

Police stop: The nature of the stop and the reasons given by the officers for the stop in the police report.
Field tests: Tests which are administered by the arresting officers must be given according to strict guidelines and by trained officers. If these guidelines are not followed, we can have the tests thrown out of your case.
Breathalyzer: Breath test machines must be maintained and calibrated according to certain guidelines. If these guidelines were not followed or the machines were operated by someone without the proper certification, we can have these tests thrown out of your case.
Blood tests: If the police drew blood we will analyze the time frame for the blood draw and blood analysis results. Tests with borderline results will be tested at an independent laboratory to determine if they match the State’s results.